Powertool Records is an independent music label run by Andrew Maitai since 2001.

Powertool Records is located at 10 Drury St. New Lynn, Auckland NZ and also hosts a venue, UFO, and a record store, Alien Records.

Powertool Records has nearly 200 releases for a wide range of artists encompassing a variety of styles. You can learn more and have a listen at Powertool’s Bandcamp Page.   

Andrew helps to develop and create many of the CDs himself,  laying out CD cover artwork himself, as well as duplicating the CDs. 

Besides the up and coming artists, there are also a number of well established legendary indie artists who put out albums of Powertool Records. Robert Scott from the Bats and the Clean has released solo material on Powertool Records, as has the prolific Sandra Bell, as well as the iconic songstress Jordan Reyne (a kiwi based in Europe and the UK), as well as Bill Direen and Matthew Bannister.

The Wellington performer Vorn has his entire catalog on Powertool Records, as does his conceptual art side project Gold Medal Famous. 

In addition to these New Zealand acts, Powertool Records releases/distributes releases for a number of overseas acts such as U.S. artists King Missile, Azalia Snail, Dan West, and Greg Franco.