Alien Records Store

09 8277 100
10am-5:30pm Daily
  • Store hours are generally 10-5:30 however these may vary.
  • Our shopkeeper Eric may pop out for lunch etc., so feel free to ring in advance to make sure he’s there when you call by.
  • If you cant get hold of Eric, ring Andrew on 027 449 2587.
View of our shop at 10 Drury Lane, New Lynn

Alien Records
is the day to day public facing aspect of Powertool Records. Eric runs the record shop which often welcomes DJs and collectors who come from near and far to comb through the stacks. 

Needless to say, all the Powertools releases are available here along with Powertool Records merch and music memorabilia. 

Alien records participates in record fares across the North Island, and also is active on Trade Me.